First Method (recommended) :

  1. Open Cinema 4D
  2. Go to Edit Menu > Preferences…
  3. Click on “Open Preferences Folder…”
  4. Extract the archive content into Your Preference Folder > plugins
  5. Restart Cinema 4D

Second Method :

  1. Find the Cinema 4D installation path
    Windows : C:\Program Files\MAXON\CINEMA 4D
    OS X : /Applications/MAXON/CINEMA 4D
  2. Extract the archive content into the plugins folder
  3. Restart Cinema 4D

Add a shortcut

  1. Open the Command Manager with going to Window Menu > Customization > Customize Commands…
  2. In the Name Filter field type the plugin name
  3. Select the plugin by clicking on its name
  4. Type your shortcut in the “Shortcut field”
  5. Click on “Assign”


Add the plugin to your layout

  1. Open the plugin dialog
  2. Drag the dialog pin and drop it at the place you want to dock the plugin dialog
  3. layout

  4. Right Click in the dialog and disable “Show Window Title” (optional)
  5. layout1

  6. Save your layout : Window Menu > Customization > Save as Startup Layout or Window Menu > Customization > Save Layout as…