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Cinema 4D R17


Available for R17

• xsTab
• xsThickness
• xsAlign
• xsDeformation
• xsTextureSwitch
• xsPolyInstance
• xsSplinePointSelector
• xsTexturePath
• xsGrid
• xsLatheToLoft
• xsClone
• xsTextureTags
• xsHNSwitch
• xsTargetCamera
• xsCameraSizeAdjust
• xsLayerColor
• xsPostRender
• xsReplace
• xsSplitSelectionTags

For paying plugins go to My Account to download 1.0 versions and add your cinema 4d serial number in order to generate your license keys.

For free plugins simply download the new version.

Enjoy and don’t forget to rate the plugins on their pages!

8 thoughts on “Cinema 4D R17

  1. Great, really missing xs Tabs with r17!

  2. xsTab: it’s possible to upgrade or have I to buy it again? (I would not mind…)

    1. Hi Simon,

      R17 updates are provided chargeless but feel free to buy it again. :p
      Go to and add your cinema 4D serial in order to generate your license key.

  3. Hi,

    I tried to install 2 of your plugins, and for some reasons the plugins are not active at the plugins folder
    I’d like to buy some of your plugins as well, do you have any idea, what can cause this problem?


    1. Hi Zoltan,

      xsTextureSwitch is greyed out because there are no texture tags in your scene.
      As soon as you add a texture on any object, xsTextureSwitch will be usable.

      1. Thanks for the info, but I tried it with xsalign as well, and it does the same thing unfortunately, though there are cubes on the screen. It seems like an inactive state (did the install, as you wrote)



        1. Zoltan,

          The purpose of xsAlign Command is to create the xsAlign tag.
          The xsAlign tag allow to align a group of objects, with first and last object as alignement objects.
          Therefore, a parent must contains a least two children to align them. Try to select a null object with 3 children cubes, and xsAlign will be available.
          Otherwise, xsAlign Tag (Right click on object in object manager) is never grayed out.

          Maybe I must pop an info dialog instead of grey out the command if misused, it might be less ambiguous.

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